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February 1, 1999


Oshawa, Canada - Herbert R. Duffleworm, member of Canadian indie band The G. Gordon Liddys announced yesterday his plan to take a short nap.

"I'm gonna go have a little lie-down for a while," he said, in a press conference held earlier today.
When asked about his inspiration for such a bold artistic undertaking, Duffleworm responded;"Well, I was up kinda late. I watched Blade Runner for the umpteenth time, and then I went online to send a few emails, and I ended up going on IRC. Of course, I stayed on way too long again."

Duffleworm, known for his lengthy IRC sessions in channels #Prison_Sex and #Fisting_Jello, works by day as a Programmer/Shaman with a mid-sizedsoftware development firm.
"I've been working from home the last few days," said Duffleworm. "As soon as I finish this last bit of coding, it'll have to compile. That'll take a while, so I'll crash for a bit then."

In a completely unrelated interview, we asked the late Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa how he felt about donating his kidney to actor Harvey Keitel.
Mr. Villa did not comment on the kidney-donation. Sources close to Villa cite the fact that he is dead as the reason for his silence in regards to this, and all other matters.
Spokespersons for BobVila could not be reached for comment, as they're all out huffinglatex semi-gloss.

Mr. Duffleworm denied allegations that the real reason for hisbeing on the net late was because he was surfing for pr0n, replying,"Already got some, thanks."

About the G. Gordon Liddys

Canadian punk/ska/polka/metal legends The G. Gordon Liddys have recently released a concept album entitled "Space Brains from Outer Space".
It is a gripping, timely story of lust, greed, betrayal, and hyena penises.
The self-described 'obnoxious, money-grubbing bastards' wrote this press release in order to try and sell more CDs.


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