And now...

Our Fan and/or Hate mail...

Hey there big tuff guy I bot a box o corn Flakes frum the G gOrdOn L1DDy$ last week an there wasnt any prize in!
What de fuck up wid dat?

Fuck yoU!

The G. Gordon Liddys Reply: What? No prize? We will look into that, and personallyflay whomever is responsible!
We will journey to the ends of the Earth in our quest to right this horrible wrong!
Or we'll not bother.

Wow, your band really does suck! Maybe you should try to get some new carreers or something like that. I'm sureyou all could become janitors at a local
store or something. All of you suck, especially the vocalist.. he needs to shove a plunger down his throat andtwist it, then maybe he'll sound ok.
Your chances of going national are SLIM TO NONE unless you redo someone elses music (everyone is doing that thesedays).

#1 - Maybe you should get a new name for your lousey band

#2 - Try getinng a full time job as a janitor or a trash man (they make good money nowadays)

#3 - Make some good music, a couple of beer always help when making music

#4 - BE ORIGINAL... and try not to make your music STINK worse than skunks you bunch of losers.

#5 - You all are very ugly and need face lifts

The G. Gordon Liddys reply: Wow! Love that constructive criticism!

We also really love the fact that that you are too much of a pussy to leave your realemail address! You're cool!
And now we will reply to each of your points in order:
#1 - We like the name. What's your point?
#2 - Actually, I, The Evil Galactor, (and the rest of the Liddys) have a full-time job. We do this in our spare time.
I could spend my spare time writing ignorant, pointless messages to bands who are trying to do somethingcool, but I have a life.
#3 - Yeah. Beer helps you make music. Alcohol really helps people become more productive.
I see the crack certainly helped you.
I'll stick with caffeine, if you don't mind.
#4 - Be original? I don't see anybody else doing anything like this. Besides, doesn't that conflict with your concept about redoing other peoples music? Think before you speak.
#5 - You've never seen us.
As for going national: We've already gone international. What have you done?
Nothing, that's what. You don't even know how to spell.
In short: You are a loser. A pathetic, pitiful little man who has to lash out at others in order to attempt to cover up his own inadequacies.
If you hate yourself so much, do something about it.
Don't lash out blindly at others because you've got issues to deal with.
If you can't be constructive, you might as well be dead.

Gosh, what little poppets you are! I can't remember the last timeI visited the home page of a punk band who knew how to use the word"whomever". Why, I'm almost tempted to buy your record-type-thingie,except that I have no idea what it sounds like, because my 'puter said it would take seventeen weeks three days four hours and twenty seven and a half minutes to download the sample you so thoughtfully provided, and I haven't got 10 Dollars Canadian. I *have* got 3Dollars United States, will that do instead? (why have they got pyramidswith eyes on 'em?).
I once found a five cents Canadian, and it wasso much like a 5 pence United Kingdom that I heinously passed it offas such, phew rock & roll, eh?
I've just discovered paragraphs!I think the Evil Galactor is cute, squishy, moist, lemon, glycerineand epic!Yours auspiciouslyFlo Mudshark

The G. Gordon Liddys reply: Thanks Flo, you rock.

And your web page is way too cool.

(For those of you who don't know, a "poppet" is apparently some sort of chocolate confectionary, native to the UK. I didn't know this until Flo told me. See? The internet really is educational.)
***UPDATE***Flo sent us Poppets(tm)!They were delicious.

You'll be punished in the fires of hell for putting a 143k JPEG and scaling it down to 302x298!!! Resize it in photoshop or something!Otherwise, I like the idea...

The G. Gordon Liddys reply:What the hell does that mean?Do we really sound like the kind of guys who know how to work Photoshop?
But thanks for the advice.
***NOTE*** We're gonna count this one as fan mail, 'cause he is giving constructive advice, and he says he likes the idea.

your music is worse than can be something constructive and kill yourselves

The G. Gordon Liddys reply:Well thank you for that insightful comment.
I suppose your definition of "useful" is sending nasty email to artists whose work you don't care for.
Perhaps you'd like to fill us in on something creative which you've done.
What's that? You've never done anything creative? You mean you're so completely useless that all you can do is be nasty to people who are trying to do something fun?
How very sad.
Perhaps you are the one who should kill yourself. You contribute nothing to society, and your grammar is atrocious.
By killing yourself, you will assure that your genes are not passed on. Of course, I expect that's not really a threat anyway, since your mom is likely way past her prime.
It's a shame that the night you were conceived, your mother didn't swallow instead.

message: I liked the tunes, but I reaLLY WISH i COULD GET MY DICK OUT OF YOUR ASS, without you threatening to kiss me. The deepest of Homo luv to you sweety.

The G. Gordon Liddys reply:
Not that there's anything wrong with that! :)

shadowsofthepast@hotmail.commessage: I love writing bloody letters! I have a scan of one I wrote (front and back of it)if you ever want to see it!
bye Janessa the Mongooselover

The G. Gordon Liddys reply:
Do you use your own blood, or do you accept donations?
Perhaps we can go get some from

To which she then replied:
I use my own blood when I do write them. I don't do it much anymore.
10th grade was my big year for it ;)
I just thought it was neat to cut myself. I used razor blades from bic razors mostly. They didn't hurt as much.
Does this answer you question?

The G. Gordon Liddys responded with:
Yeah, that answers it, alright.
Did you turn your limbs into bloody stumps?
That would rock.
Bloody stumps are cool.

Dear Sirs:
I never believed the outlandish stories I'd read about synchingup a Pink Floyd album with, say, "The Wizard Of Oz", or "BladeRunner", until this weekend, when I had the extraordinaryexperience I'm about to relate.

As you can probably guess, my schedule is very busy, and doesn'tpermit me much time to take in the arts--nevertheless, I try tokeep up with what's going on. Earlier today, I was lounging inmy comfortably-appointed villain lair, planning the mop-up on myrecent operations in the Brazilian economy, and listening withhalf my attention to your own G. Gordon Liddys' "Space Brains FromOuter Space". (Your recording was brought to my attention by somewretch I executed three months ago, after finding him wanderingaround the security perimeter with a laser fountain pen and a snappyoutfit.)

In the midst of my musing, it occurred to me that some parts of"Apocalypse Now" would go nicely with "Ritualistic GradeschoolHaircut Taunt And Rebuttal". One of my lackeys loaded thewidescreen edition, and I fast-forwarded to the section wherethe Air Cavalry are planning their surfing attack. Instead ofkilling the video's sound and watching while listening to the album,however, I cranked both of them up and mostly ignored the movie.(This is the key--instead of being anal-retentive about synchingthe music and the movie, just start at random and mix the sounds.)I was seriously groovin', especially when the Wagner started up,and, shortly afterward, the break to "Guitar Wank-Fest No. 4".

Oh, and that shit later in the movie with Marlon Brando is prettyfucked up, too.

Subjugate you later,

The G. Gordon Liddys responded with:
Yeah. You'd be absolutely amazed how many people tell us that.

message: Didn't get to listen to the music, but after reading the story and the comments from the critics, andmy own curiousity, I'm thinking about buying it. So, I guess you can put this in the "fan-mailcategory"....let's see, would that ratio be 3:7 now? hmmmm?

The G. Gordon Liddys reply:
Yup, I suppose it would.
As for buying the CD, the official word from the Liddys camp is this: "We're for it."
So there you go. Official support from none other than us.
How cool is that, huh?

Some loser kid using his daddy's email account

The G. Gordon Liddys reply:
Possibly, but it's not nearly as shitty as your grammar, spelling, or use of the caps lock key.

So, do you have a band?

Have you ever done anything useful in your life, or do you spend all of your time trying to make up for your insecurities due to your miniscule genitalia by writing unconstructive critiques about people who are trying to do something out of the ordinary?

I know that you're not going to go find a dictionary to figure out what I just said, so let me put it into terms that you can understand...


You loser.